Inventory control and Billing System

Cloud Billing+ it is a billing and inventory control application based on the cloud which will help you manage your sales, expenses, revenues, inventories and points of sale.

Some of the features you can enjoy with our product

Point of sale

Add products by the barcode scanner, Sell gift cards, Edit the price of the product on the sale page, Payment gateways (PayPal Pro and Stripe) and Restriction of the staff.


Dynamic reports, product expiration alerts, payments, losses and profits, customer, supplier and staff.


Duplicate product, Product by Warehouses / locations, multiple supplier, expiration date of the product when buying and may have a number of unlimited products.


Assign users to a warehouse and issuer of the invoice and own sales / quotes / purchases / restrictions for users.


This module allows you to create quotes that are automatically saved in the system with a reserved invoice number.


If you have multiple stores / stores, you may have to transfer / move products from one store to another. This module will help you manage these tasks.

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Services we offer

Mobile Apps

Apps for Android, iOS and WPhone

Mobile applications offer your company multiple growth opportunities in its sector, while placing it at the technological forefront and reinforcing the positioning of your brand in the market. In addition, mobile application development strategies allow you to keep your company information up-to-date and achieve a direct approach with your customers or users.

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Web development

Applications and Websites

It is said that today who is not on the Internet does not exist and this saying, in a way, has some reason. When we need to look for an information, product or service, the first thing we do is search the internet.

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Graphic design

Identity, Logo, user manuals and others...

We develop your brand based on the vision, mission, personality, essence and target audience of your company. From small graphic pieces to global projects of branding and visual communication we create for you. Just tell us what you need and we turn your idea into a memorable business image.

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Digital Marketing

Positioning, Advertising, Social Media and Inbound Marketing

We create for you the best and most effective Digital Marketing campaign, so that the goals established in your company are met without resorting to excessive expenses. In a universe so saturated with information, achieving a powerful message that captures its customers, through social networks and search engine positioning, is our goal.

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Economics and Greater Operational Efficiency

It is fashionable to see that large companies subcontract to others to deal with the recruitment and management of their staff, to achieve, without complications, a greater degree of competitiveness, cost reduction and corporate effectiveness.

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